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Support System

Even though no one can fully understand what you are going through, your family and close friends can be an invaluable source of strength and support.  It may be difficult at first, but sharing your experience with those you are closest to can relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

You are not alone.
If you are used to being independent and taking care of yourself,it can be difficult to ask for help.  Not only does accepting help bring you needed support; it also gives those who care about you a “role to play” and a specific way to lighten your load.

Accept help.
Your team at Progressive Medical is here to support you and your family as you go through your treatment process.  We recognize that when you are suffering, your loved ones are suffering too.  They also have questions, concerns, anxiety over the unknown.

Knowledge is power.
As part of your care team, we offer educational materials, (like this Guide), special learning opportunities, as well as a patient navigator to assist in answering specific questions related to your time with us.   Having a “coach” walk with you and your loved ones each step of the way provides a very crucial layer of support! Resources for further support can be provided as needed.  Don’t hesitate to ask!