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At Progressive Immune Recovery, we believe that nutrition is a core component of our treatment protocol. We help our patients become more conscientious about their food choices. We do this by emphasizing the importance of eating a diet rich in nutrients, antioxidants, phytochemicals and fiber. This also involves encouraging a diversity of whole foods.

The patient-centered approach we take includes a dietary evaluation and a review of our anti-inflammatory and immune supportive eating plans. Food sensitivity panels (IgG and IgE) are run via a blood draw to determine if the patient is consuming foods that are challenging the immune system. We also can provide a three-day stool sample panel to determine the condition of the microbiome that inhabits the gastro-intestinal tract/gut. It is well understood that gut imbalances can affect how a person reacts to foods. Having this information further aids our practitioners in personalizing each patient’s therapeutic intervention.

We encourage our immune recovery patients to adopt a ketogenic diet as an effective way to “starve” malignant cells. Originally developed for children with seizures, the ketogenic diet has proven effective for arresting a number of other conditions, including cancer. Ketogenic diets are high in healthy fats and ultra-low in carbohydrates, along with modest quantities of high quality, clean animal proteins. Our dietitians will coach patients on diet adherence.

Patients will also have an opportunity to purchase meals from a local resource who prepares them with the highest quality ingredients and are supportive of a ketogenic inducing dietary regimen.