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Insulin Potentiation Therapy

At Progressive Immune Recovery, one of the many treatment options is low-dose fractionated chemotherapy using insulin as a biologic response modifier. It is called IPT.

For this therapy, chemotherapy drugs are selected according to conventional guidelines in concert with chemosensitivity studies and then administered as an IV at much lower than standard and in fractionated (divided into fractions) doses.  Dr. McDuffie then will add insulin to to target the chemotherapy drugs preferentially to cancer cells. The insulin essentially floors your blood sugar in an attempt to starve the cancer cells. Definitely have questions ready for Dr. McDuffie about the documented effectiveness and potential risks associated with IPT.

Based on clinical experience, this kind of therapy can also minimize side effects of chemotherapy and improve quality of life as compared to receiving conventional-dose chemotherapy. Dr. McDuffie and team will determine whether this is the correct chemotherapy protocol for you. Dr. McDuffie recommends this protocol because it has shown positive results in halting cancer growth.

Please feel free to contact us any time at 678-990-0077 and ask for information regarding IPT.