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IV Therapies

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a combination of vitamins, minerals, and any of a wide variety of other natural substances directly infused into the bloodstream.

Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH)- MAH is a treatment that involves temporarily removing between 100-250 ccs of blood from the patient, infusing it with medical grade ozone, and then slowly reintroducing the highly oxygenated blood back in. It is common to feel an immediate boost in energy after the treatment. This solution is infused over 1-2 hours.

Hydrogen peroxide- Hydrogen peroxide is a natural substance made in the body. Although this is a natural substance when used as a drug, it is considered Bio-Oxidative Therapy. Hydrogen peroxide therapy is administered at a very weak concentration of medical grade peroxide mixed with a normal saline solution. The solution is infused over 2.5-3 hours

High dose Vitamin C- By administering intravenously, high levels of vitamin C generate the production of hydrogen peroxide and thus have an oxidative effect. High dose Vitamin C is often used adjunctively to help fight cancer cells.

UVB Blood Irradiation- Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation involves removing about 150-200 cc of blood and exposing it to ultraviolet light and returned to the blood stream. The ultraviolet like serves as an antioxidant and cleanser. The UV light also helps add oxygen to the blood, which works as a healing mechanism.

Glutathione- is an exceedingly important naturally occurring antioxidant that can be used by every type of cell within the body. Infusing the body with additional glutathione is a helpful step in boosting healthy cells and the immune system to fight the cancer cells.

Super Immune- is a vitamin cocktail blend used to boost the immune system. The immune system is an integral part of the recovery process. At Progressive Oncology, we want to make sure that the immune system is as strong as possible to fight the cancer cells.

Argentyn 23- is a silver compound that we can use in case of infection. When coupled with vitamin support or a necessary antibiotic, it will assist the body in boosting its defense power.

Poly MVA- is a nutritional supplement while undergoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation because it helps support and strengthen normal cellular function. Since chemotherapy and radiation treatments often lace the body under stress and have unpleasant side effects, nutritional supplements such as Poly_MVA may help replenish nutrients that may be depleted and restore energy and function to all cells and tissues.